by Izaaq Opeyemi Bashir


As the economic heartbeat of Nigeria, Lagos State plays a pivotal role in driving the nation’s financial growth. The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) is tasked with the responsibility of collecting taxes to fund essential services and infrastructure development. However, amid the pursuit of revenue generation, taxpayers often encounter challenges that impact their ability to comply seamlessly. This article delves into the common hurdles faced by taxpayers dealing with the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service and introduces an upcoming free webinar by FINNOVO Academy, aimed at equipping taxpayers with effective strategies to overcome these challenges.


1. Complex Tax Structures: One of the primary challenges taxpayers face is navigating through the complexity of Lagos State’s tax structures. With various taxes levied on different aspects of personal and business income, understanding the nuances of each can be overwhelming. From Personal Income Tax to Land Use Charge and Consumption Tax, taxpayers often find it challenging to decipher their obligations accurately.

To address this challenge, FINNOVO Academy is organizing a free webinar on Friday, 17th November 2023. The webinar will feature expert speakers who will provide insights into deciphering complex tax structures. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of various taxes, enabling them to navigate the intricacies with confidence.

2. Inadequate Communication: Effective communication is vital for fostering a positive taxpayer experience. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses in Lagos State express frustration with the lack of clear, consistent communication from the LIRS. Unclear guidelines, changes in tax policies, and inadequate information dissemination contribute to confusion among taxpayers.

The upcoming FINNOVO Academy webinar will address this issue head-on, offering practical tips on staying informed about changes in tax regulations. Experts will share insights on reliable sources of information and strategies to ensure taxpayers are well-informed and updated.

3. Inconsistent Implementation of Policies: Taxpayers in Lagos often face challenges arising from the inconsistent implementation of tax policies. Frequent changes in tax regulations and varying interpretations of these policies can lead to confusion and frustration. This lack of consistency makes it difficult for taxpayers to plan effectively and adapt to evolving tax landscapes. The FINNOVO Academy webinar will provide attendees with strategies to navigate through policy changes. Expert speakers will offer guidance on staying ahead of evolving tax environments, allowing taxpayers to plan and adapt proactively.

4. Burdensome Documentation Requirements:

The documentation process for tax compliance in Lagos State is often seen as burdensome by taxpayers. The demand for extensive documentation, coupled with bureaucratic procedures, can lead to delays and increased compliance costs. During the webinar, FINNOVO Academy will address these concerns by providing practical advice on managing documentation requirements efficiently. Attendees will gain valuable insights into streamlining processes to reduce compliance burdens.

5. Limited Access to Online Services: While the Lagos State government has made efforts to digitize tax processes, challenges persist in providing seamless online services to taxpayers. Technical glitches, limited functionality of online platforms, and difficulty in accessing digital services hinder the efficiency of tax compliance.

The FINNOVO Academy webinar will explore strategies for optimizing the use of online services. Experts will provide practical tips on overcoming technical challenges and making the most of available digital resources.


In conclusion, the challenges faced by taxpayers in Lagos State can be effectively addressed through knowledge and strategic planning. The upcoming free webinar by FINNOVO Academy on Friday, 17th November 2023, will serve as a valuable resource for taxpayers seeking to overcome these challenges. By attending the webinar, individuals and businesses can gain insights, strategies, and practical tips from experts, empowering them to navigate the complexities of tax compliance in Lagos State. This initiative reflects FINNOVO Academy’s commitment to supporting taxpayers and fostering a more collaborative and efficient tax system in Lagos State.

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