Finnovo Academy

Welcome to Finnovo Academy, where the pursuit of knowledge, professional growth, and career excellence intersect.

We are passionate

At Finnovo Academy, we are deeply passionate about empowering individuals and organizations in the realms of finance, accounting, management, taxation, and compliance. Our academy stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering world-class training and personalized mentorship to shape the future of professionals and businesses alike.

Transformative Learning

Finnovo Academy is your gateway to a transformative learning journey that transcends traditional boundaries. Whether you're an ambitious individual seeking to enhance your expertise or a forward-thinking company looking to empower your team, we have tailored programs that cater to your unique aspirations. Explore our Training Arm to elevate your skills, or delve into our Mentorship Arm for personalized guidance. With Finnovo Academy, you're on the path to success, and the possibilities are boundless.


Our Professional Training is designed to unlock your full potential in the fields of finance, accounting, management, taxation, and compliance. We cater to both individuals and companies, offering tailored programs to meet your specific needs.


Elevate your career with personalized mentorship from industry experts. Our mentorship program is open to undergraduates, NYSC students, and recent graduates who show exceptional promise in finance, accounting, compliance, and related fields.

Your Trusted Financial Partner

Your trusted partner for full-service financial accounting, tax, and compliance solutions. We are dedicated to providing affordable and comprehensive services to businesses, ensuring accurate financial management and compliance with regulations.