“Early Tax Payments: Unlocking Benefits for Companies”

by Izaaq Opeyemi Bashir


Paying taxes is an inevitable responsibility for businesses, but did you know that timing can play a crucial role in maximizing benefits? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of making tax payments 90 days before the filing deadline, specifically tailored for small, medium, and large companies in Nigeria, each with its unique set of incentives. Additionally, we’ll highlight how partnering with FINNOVO Services Limited can enhance the tax planning process and bring added value to taxpayers.

1. 2% Bonus for Medium Size Companies:

Small, medium, and large companies constitute the diverse landscape of businesses, each facing its own financial challenges. Recognizing the significance of medium-sized companies—defined as firms with revenue from ₦25,000,000 to less than ₦100,000,000. The tax authorities offer a 2% bonus for those who settle their tax obligations 90 days before the filing deadline.

Medium-sized companies, often the engine of economic growth, can utilize this bonus to bolster their financial standing. This is where FINNOVO Services Limited comes in. With their expertise in financial management and tax planning, they can assist medium-sized companies in navigating the intricacies of tax regulations, ensuring that not only are taxes paid on time but that businesses also maximize the benefits derived from the 2% bonus.

2. 1% Bonus for Large Companies:

Large companies, with revenue exceeding ₦100,000,000, play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape. These entities, dealing with intricate financial structures and substantial tax liabilities, can benefit from a 1% bonus when they proactively settle their taxes 90 days before the due date.

For large companies, partnering with FINNOVO Services Limited becomes even more crucial. The experienced professionals at FINNOVO can provide tailored strategies for optimizing tax payments and financial planning. By leveraging their expertise, large companies can ensure that they not only meet their tax obligations but also strategically allocate the additional funds generated through the 1% bonus to fuel growth and innovation.

3. No Specific Bonus for Small Companies:

For small companies, defined as those with a revenue of less than ₦25,000,000, there is no specific bonus mentioned in this context as they are fully exempted from paying company income tax. However, they are eligible for minimum tax provided they are up to 4 years in operation. It’s important for these businesses to stay informed about tax regulations and incentives that may be applicable to their specific circumstances. This is where FINNOVO Services Limited steps in as a reliable partner for small businesses, offering tailored financial advice and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.


In conclusion, the benefits of paying taxes ahead of the filing deadline extend beyond mere compliance. Small, medium, and large companies, by seizing the opportunity to settle their tax liabilities 90 days in advance, can unlock significant bonuses—2% for medium-sized companies and 1% for their larger counterparts. Partnering with FINNOVO Services Limited further enhances this process, as their team of experts provides invaluable insights and strategies to optimize tax planning for businesses of all sizes. As tax regulations continue to evolve, having a trusted partner like FINNOVO becomes essential for businesses aiming to thrive in a dynamic economic landscape.

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